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Why Serve

So why might you want to consider serving on a nonprofit board or as a committee member? Board service is an excellent way to make a substantial and ongoing impact in your community. As a member of a dedicated team of concerned and engaged citizens, you can identify long-term goals, seek out diverse opportunities for collaboration, and brainstorm—as well as potentially implement—innovative strategies for lasting change.

At the same time, serving on a board can be an invaluable way to meet others in the local nonprofit and business sector. Not only can these connections help you build new social ties but those you serve with will almost certainly share your passion for the organization's particular cause and mission; if you're seeking paid employment or exploring the idea of a new career, these contacts can be great sources for everything from alerts to who is hiring, letters of recommendation, personal introductions, or even just informally putting in a good word for you.

You also learn more about the nuts and bolts of nonprofit governance as well as getting hands-on experience with such tasks as strategic planning, financial management, and grant writing.

Board membership is a great way to hone and actively demonstrate your leadership skills, plus board service looks great on a resume!

And... you get a behind-the-scenes look at internal organizational systems such as nonprofit management, human resources, fundraising and resource development, and volunteer resource management